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Since 2003 providing communications infrastructure analysis, bill auditing, cyber security testing, wireless broadband.



Business Cloud Voice, Video and Data.

Today, Presence is the key to flexibility and profitability for you and your company. Always secure and in the cloud, your existing computers and wireless phones can be utilized.

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5G networks and IoT


We are using our phones daily. Allows so many new productive options like Unlimited Calling, ucaas, cloud based VoIP phone service with 24 Hr. US Support.

Mobile Phone Integration, Remote Office, Presence, Line Status Monitoring, Intercom and Phone Cloning to name only a few!

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Personal UcaaS and VoIP telephone and Mobile services.

Personalized UcaaS

Consulting on security in the building, ucaas, cloud and voip phone services. As well as public and  private broadband networks. Here is our secure personal small business service starting at $9.95 with a free trial.

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US Based Tech Support 24/7/365

US based Tech Support 24/7/365

All of our client services have US based 24/7 client services available when your questions and needs are right now!

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Experienced Consultants


Since 2003 we have customized and delivered on your company one simple solutions that will tie together all of your needs into one unique program, designed  specifically for you and constantly secure wherever you may be.  

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Pricing and ROI


We will assign you an industry specific consultant with at least 20 years experience in Communications as well as an expert in your business. We can show you massive savings and high returns on any communications project!

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