CONVERGEIT - Network with purpose!

Who We Are

CONVERGEIT - NaaS company

Growing from a wireless/paging carrier in 1989 (Advance Cellular Systems) in Cupertino CA to a national wireless contractor in 2003 (SecureActs) in Scottsdale, AZ. CONVERGEIT is a start up. With our NaaS (Network as a Service) platform we can provide our network globally. We are operating in Palo Alto, CA with a corporate office in Scottsdale, AZ. 

Our Technology

Enterprise Class Network

Network as a service

Today, everyone is mobile with their own devices which can put a weight on company IT departments. Get secure cloud, voice, data and unified communications in one place built for the mobile worker.  With our network, receive real time cyber security and on the fly scalability using natural AI allows for real functionality and precise assistance.
Start growing profitability for you and your company, all on your smartphone or computer.


Business UCaaS

A single powerful platform with UCaaS, AI, CRM integration. Now available as a powerful and secure alternative for companies and users. A rich SMS platform that captures and analyzes all data for every interaction. 24 Hr US Support. 

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